Wet Spray Painting: A Basic Knowledge Guide

Wet spray painting is a technique used to apply paint onto a surface using a spraying device

What is Wet Spray Painting?

Wet spray painting is a process that involves blending and applying liquid paint onto a surface through an air cannon or a specialized machine. This method creates a protective layer on the targeted surface by delivering paint particles. It can be done manually, automatically, or robotically.


This method is commonly used to apply liquid paint to finished products. Before starting the process, the surface to be painted must be thoroughly cleaned and prepared. Wet spray painting is a quick and efficient way to achieve a uniform and high-quality finish on almost any surface. A fine mist of paint is sprayed over the surface, which is allowed to dry after application.


Wet Spray Painting Treatment Process


Substrate is the bottom layer of the material that supports the main layer. First of all, the parts are shot-blasted to resurface it, as well as to remove dirt and contaminants from metal and other industrial surfaces. Little abrasive particles are first driven toward the surface to produce a fully clean substrate for wet painting. It removes oxide and rust from the materials and offers a great surface for further chemical pre-treatments.


It is the foundation of wet spraying, a process of applying chemical preparation for various types of metal and aluminium. Not only for a long-lasting protection layer on materials, a quality and appropriate pre-treatment also prepares the materials for the wet spray painting. Therefore, the wet spray painting will stick and form a flawless layer on the surfaces. This thorough preparation and cleaning is crucial to guarantee your parts have a perfect surface that is ready to resist corrosion after wet spraying.


After the surface has been prepped, the liquid paint is sprayed uniformly with a spray, pump, or pressured airgun. It is applied until the proper thickness is evenly covered on the product. During the process, the products being painted are frequently positioned on rollers or a turntable to achieve generally uniform coverage of the wet spray paintings.


Cure can be known as preserved through drying. More specifically, it is a process that results in a stronger, tougher, or more stable linkage of materials as a result of chemical reactions or physical activities such as drying. Therefore, some curing methods need to make sure a specific temperature and/or humidity level is maintained within the range during the curing process, while others imply the maintenance of a specific pressure for a satisfied outcome.


Inspection is a process of examination, checking the wet spraying processes are being done properly while the finished products are served based on project requirements. At Grille Tech, inspection training includes all criteria for painting inspection and testing in painting inspection projects. As a result, the completed products’ quality is assured to match the requirements of the clients.


Wet spraying is a quick secondary process treatment because airgun spraying is commonly used to apply a uniform coating of liquid on big surfaces and equipment. Therefore, we excel in excellent quality and always make sure on-time delivery to meet customer’s expectations.



Wet Spray Painting Features

Fun facts: Do you know why wet spray painting is one of the popular choices among the other secondary processes? There are some features that are worth mentioning.

Wet spray painting is environmentally friendly while also enhancing coating performance. It is also adaptable and completely appropriate for a wide range of product coatings, including automotive and industrial.


It can be done manually, automatically, or robotically at Grille Tech. We distribute the goods accurately and efficiently using auto/robot spray and our in-house tools as we practice greater process control at all times.

Our wet spray painting can be done manually, automatically, or with robotic assistance
Benefits of Wet Spray Painting

# Time saving

Wet spray painting can help you save time. This is especially true when the painting covers big areas. Wet spray painting may cover a considerable surface area in a few hours with the help of a machine/air gun.

# Applicable on most of the object surfaces

Allowing the painting of massive, heavy, and awkwardly formed objects. Wet spray painting is suitable for huge, heavy, or strangely formed things that cannot be powder coated.

# Wide range of colours selection


The availability of an endless selection of colours allows you to have greater flexibility when selecting a colour to fit your brand’s requirements. Colors may be created with a great degree of accuracy by mixing various paints together on-site.

# Ideal textured appearance


Textured specialty effects are possible. It allows you to produce a variety of gloss levels and textures, resulting in a consistent, comprehensive, high-quality finish over the surface area.

# Metallic appearance with variety of colours


Metallic and non-metallic colours can be used to create gleaming metallic effects.

#Applicable on wide range of surface materials

Wet spray painting can be utilised on a broad range of materials, including ferrous and nonferrous metals, as well as plastic and wooden components.

# Drying at high temperatures is not required

It is a method that may be used on items that cannot be heated for powder coating. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for non-heated applications because wet spray painting allows you to air-dry or bake the finished object.

# Cost-effective


A cost-effective finish is possible based on your budgetary constraints: Wet spraying provides a cost-effective solution for painting big parts.

# Protection

Lastly, paint protects the aluminium substrate from harsh environments and most importantly it is corrosion resistant.

In short, wet spray painting is a popular and widely used method of protecting your finished products. For years, we’ve used wet sprays as part of our metal surface treatment to maintain and improve our quality and productivity. As a result, while spraying wet spray to your products at Grille Tech, accuracy and precision are always well-practiced.



Why Grille Tech?

Grille Tech is a speaker manufacturer in Malaysia supplying perforated metal and plastic perforation to many famous speaker manufacturers world wide since 2015 . Today, with constant expansions to meet diverse needs for the changing markets, we are transforming into a one-stop solution provider inclusive design, engineering and production until finished goods. We do provide wet spray services by using high efficiency equipment to meet extreme quality services and fast delivery. 


At Grille Tech, we strive to give 100% client satisfaction for high quality wet spray services as a trusted supplier of your required finished products to many prominent manufacturers in Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe. Furthermore, our quality processes are compatible with ISO standards, giving you the assurance that quality is consistent as we provide internal capabilities. We have entirely in-house tool for  a series of wet spray processes to meet the needs of our devoted customers.

At Grille Tech Sdn Bhd, with the cutting-edge technology we use and supported by our experienced team which consists of multiple professionals, you can rest assured that we provide the best wet spray services in Malaysia.


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