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steel fabrication malaysia

What is Steel Fabrication?

Do you know what steel fabrication is and how important is it in our daily lives? Steel fabrication is the process of transforming steel components into desired shapes and sizes through secondary metal manufacturing processes. Without it, we are not able to operate a functional electrical system and things that are essential in our daily lives, such as refrigerators, cars and gates.


Types of Fabrication Process​

  1. Cutting

It is basically a process of cutting steel components into desired shapes and sizes. Over the years, steel cutting methods have continuously emerged and evolved, including power scissors, laser cutting, waterjet cutting, and plasma arc cutting. To ensure the steel components that you need are created with exact precision, we employ machines that are being maintained regularly, such as wire cut machines and grinding machines in our steel cutting process.

  1. Forming

Steel forming is a technique of reshaping the form of a steel component without adding or removing any of its parts. Forging, rolling, and extrusion are some instances of steel forming procedures. One of the machines that we apply in our steel forming process is our in-house pipe bend CNC machine, which is mainly used to reshape the steel pipe by applying sufficient force.


  1. Punching

Steel punching involves removing parts of the steel components with enough shearing force. Although the steel punching process can be carried out manually on a manual punch press machine, we use CNC punching machines in our steel punching process to make sure we produce holes and cutouts on the steel components with the precise sizes and standards demanded by our valued clients.


  1. Shearing

Shearing is another type of steel fabrication, which involves trimming and removing unwanted parts and materials from sheet metal. The shearing process does not require heat to change the shapes and forms of the steel components, but it needs the application of a machine, such as a bench shear to slice through the sheet metal to produce steel components with exact precision.

  1. Stamping

Steel stamping is a cold-forming steel fabrication process that requires the application of dies and stamping machines to shape sheet metal. Examples of steel stamping include progressive die stamping, fourslide stamping, deep draw stamping, short run stamping. At Grille Tech Sdn Bhd, we have stamping presses with a range from 45 to 400 tonnes and fully utilize the dominating pressing technology.

  1. Welding

Welding is one of the steel fabrication techniques which involves using sufficient pressure and electric current to the weld regions to join two or more steel parts together. Even though welding is commonly applied on metals, it can also be used on woods as well. At Grille Tech Sdn Bhd, we apply CNC welding machines to ensure our steel welding process runs efficiently with optimal precision and accuracy.


Tools for Steel Fabrication Malaysia Manufacturers

At Grille Tech Sdn Bhd, we make use of the tools and machines that support us for our steel fabrication to produce steel components with the ideal shapes and exact precision expected by our valued clients. Some of the noteworthy tools that we use for our steel fabrication include:

  1. CNC

CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) is one the noteworthy techniques that we use for our steel fabrication which involves pre-programmed software and codes to control the operations of the production machine. This technique is applied in most of our steel fabrication processes, such as the process of forming, punching and welding.

  1. Wire Cutting EDM Machine

By applying Wire Cutting EDM Machine, the steel components are cut with predetermined shapes with metallic wire. By applying this technique in our steel fabrication, we are able to create steel components with sophisticated designs, high accuracy and complex angles to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

  1. Perforated Metal Machine

To ensure we remain as a competent speaker manufacturer in Malaysia that supplies perforated metals and plastics, we apply perforated metal machines that are maintained regularly in our steel fabrication processes. Through the use of the machine, we can ensure the quality of perforated steels that we supply to our clients are met and processed efficiently.

metal fabrication malaysia
Grille Tech provides quality sheet metal fabrication with superdrill
  1. Super Drill

When it comes to drilling holes in steel components, it is hard to drill extremely small holes with high precision on steel components, especially when the quantity is overwhelmed. But with the help of super drill machines, we are able to drill holes with high precision on steel components efficiently in our steel fabrication processes.

  1. Grinding Machine

The grinding machine that we employ in our steel fabrication is the horizontal spindle reciprocating table grinder. By applying the horizontal spindle reciprocating table grinder, we are able to cut through almost any materials with high surface finish and accuracy.

Benefits of Steel Fabrication

✔ Safety

Another notable feature that steel possesses is its noncombustible nature, which does not contribute to the start or spread of fire. In addition, it is mold-resistant and easy to clean as well, which explains why steel fabrication is commonly used in a wide range of industries, such as construction, mining, energy sector, etc.

✔ Durability

When steel structures are well designed and fabricated, they have a strong long-term durability. Its highly durable nature makes it require only low maintenance. This makes steel an excellent material in a wide range of industries, including the construction industry in building infrastructures such as bridges, buildings, etc.

✔ Cost-effective

Steel is considered to be more cost-effective than many other building materials, and its prices are often stable and affordable for both manufacturers and consumers. Moreover, as steel is generally stronger and lighter than many other building materials, it requires less quantity as well.

✔ Sustainability

Steel also has a nature that is 100% recyclable. In other words, fabricated steel can still be recycled into new steel items after it has been used. A steel beam, for instance, can still be recycled and made into various steel products, such as a roof panel, food can, etc.

Usage of Steel Fabrication
Construction Industry

In construction, steel fabrication is used to create structural components such as beams, columns, and trusses for buildings and bridges.  The fact that steel is recyclable makes it one of the notable factors contributing to the preference for fabricated structural steel in the construction industry. This ultimately lowers the cost of purchasing and producing new building materials.

A variety of mining equipment has been made using steel fabrication. For instance, Australia has long used steel in all facets of its mining industry, including the mining infrastructure itself is built by steel structural frameworks.

Mining Industry
Energy Sector

Fabricated metals, including copper and steel, are frequently used in the energy sector to build energy production systems, because it can reduce production costs while ensuring quality and consistency are met.

Our Steel Fabrication Finished Products​

With many years of experience in steel fabrication works, below are the lists of finished products that we provide to our clients.

  • Speaker Grille
  • Sound Bar Grille
  • Motorcycle Parts
  • Musical Instruments
  • Customized Products

Besides, we in-house produce speaker grilles in both hard and soft covers with various sizes that can fit your speakers perfectly. In addition, we offer built-to-order products with various features and functionalities, which can surely fulfill your unique needs.

At Grille Tech Sdn Bhd, with the cutting-edge technology we use and supported by our experienced team which consists of multiple professionals, you can rest assured that we provide not only speaker grilles with various sizes that can fit your speakers perfectly but you can get your well-customized steel components as well.


Our experienced team of fabricators is well-equipped to handle projects of all sizes, from small-scale custom pieces to large, complex structures. Whether you need a single steel component or a complete steel structure, we can provide the expertise and equipment necessary to deliver high-quality products that meet your specifications. With our commitment to precision, accuracy, and attention to detail, you can trust us to deliver exceptional steel fabrication services that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


Still searching for your ideal Steel Fabrication Malaysia Manufacturer that supplies perforated metal and plastic, as well as customized metal products?


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