Metal Stamping

Metal Stamping Malaysia

Grille Tech has extensive experience in metal stamping Malaysia service, using state-of-the-art equipment and technology to produce high-quality and precision metal stamped components. We also provide a one-stop solution for all manufacturing needs, making it convenient for clients to have all their requirements met under one roof.



Our Primary Process of Metal Stamping

Metal stamping is a cold-forming process that requires the use of dies and stamping machines to shape sheet metal into various forms. It is used in a variety of industries such as automotive and electronics. There are many steps in doing metal stamping, and we strive to make every step precise when metal stamping is more than a one-step procedure. For great quality and on-time delivery trades, we rely on passion, innovation, and teamwork.

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Pipe Bend CNC

Fine Burring

Tooling Design

Our expert designers will first have tooling design, which is the very essential step in the manufacturing process. The end products are highly dependent on tooling design when it is a subset of manufacturing engineering. It encompasses the analysis, planning, design, building, and use of tools, methods, and procedures to boost production productivity. All of this will be completed by our designer in a timely and high-quality manner.



Tooling Fabrication

Tooling fabrication, the step where we start making the components and machines needed for production. The types of tooling used vary based on the component being manufactured, however the most common are fixtures, jigs, gauges, molds, dies, cutting equipment and patterns. We use custom-developed CAD/CAM software and a complete range of in-house tools to maintain outstanding internal tooling capability. Tooling can impact the quality of the product and Grille Tech makes sure properly designed and engineered tooling leads to a product that functions as needed in the manufacturing process.




Grille Tech provides market leaders in the major electronics industry with a wide choice of perforated materials for speaker units and home theatre systems. Perforated metal made of carbon steel, galvanised steel, and aluminium, as well as various plastics like PC, PS, and PET, are among the standard and custom perforation patterns we offer. Our perforating machines can be tuned to perforate metal with unperforated areas or margins.



Metal Stamping & Punching

Stamping and punching are used to form the shape and mould. When customers need a specific shape on a small metal part, metal punching is generally preferred, whereas stamping is utilized to stamp an entire piece for mass manufacturing. Grille Tech has stamping presses ranging from 45 to 400 tonnes (manual, progressive, and transfer lines) and has completely utilized the dominating pressing technology. As a metal stamping Malaysia company, we can produce parts from a variety of materials including cold-rolled steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and phosphor bronze.



Other than metal stamping, we do provide Steel Fabrication Malaysia service as well by using our readily in-house tools.