All You Need To Know About Surface Treatment

Iron and steel products are widespread in our daily lives yet rusting, sometimes we call it corrosion, is common too. It is a reddish-brown oxide that appears on the surface of irons, steels, or metals. Then, we will find out the surface products are flaky, no longer providing protection to the underlying layer. Hence, rust prevention is the critical process of many economic operations in specialized technologies such as rust-resistant alloys, cathodic protection, and the foundation surface treatment.

What is Surface Treatment

Surface treatment is applying a protective layer on the metal/steel products, might be the whole products, or some exterior metal surface to prevent corrosion and enhance appearance. The most common process is metal surface treatment when metals are prevalent in a wide range of everyday living.

Common Types of Metal Surface Treatment

# Painting


Painting is applying a layer on the metal surfaces to prevent oxygen and water from rusting the metals. It is common when the automotive industry has automated the painting process for a standardized and consistent result. There are numerous paint compositions to protect metal parts in a variety of physical conditions. Furthermore, coating is playing the same role as painting. There are some fundamental techniques used to apply paint such as brushing, spray painting, electrostatic coating, dipping, and many more.

# Plating


Plating is a process where metal is deposited on a conductive layer. It is actually a stronger finish than just painting. As the plating is chemically attached to the surface of the base metal by electric conduction, it is also referred to as electroplating. Electroplating is required for a wide range of equipment, including automobile parts, machinery parts, and even jewellery, used to improve the appearance or for conduction of electricity. To improve its performance, almost any base metal that conducts electricity can be electroplated.


# Wet Spray Painting


Wet spray painting is a procedure in which liquid paint is blended and supplied via an air gun, which then atomises and directs the paint particles onto the target surfaces. It is suitable for large components since the liquid paint is applied evenly using a spray, pump, or pressurised vessel. In addition, wet spray painting can be done manually, auto, or even robot spray, which is one of the popular choices for metal finishing.


Why Surface Treatment

1. Prolonged service life

  • Surface treatment is used to repair surfaces as well as protect them from stress, temperature, and corrosive agents.
  • Having a good surface treatment can help to withstand wear and fatigue, have effective lubrication, decrease friction and prevent corrosion.

2. Add values to the products

  • Surface treatment can improve appearance of the products, enhancing its visual attractiveness
  • To satisfy the newest colour trends and consumer aesthetics, a wide choice of hues is offered during surface treatment.

3. Enhance mechanical properties

  • In the automotive sector, different types of surface treatments will affect the mechanical properties hence the performance.
  • A professional service should have the fundamental knowledge on the materials to be applied during surface treatments.
Quality of A Professional Surface Treatment Provider

1.   In-house Tools


In-house tools indicating they have sufficient instruments to aid with the surface treatment processes. Then, they can surely perform well when they are familiar with the operations of the tools, serving a consistent, smooth, and aesthetic surface of the end products.

2.   Metallic Knowledge Base

They must have knowledge about metal, knowing which services are best for the products. To know the properties, usages, functions of the products in order to control the surface treatment environments, complete the processes for a good and long-wear end product.


3.   Experienced

An experienced surface treatment provider gives more value when they can handle the processes well, having capabilities in completing the tasks.

At Grille Tech Sdn Bhd, with the cutting-edge technology we use and supported by our experienced team which consists of multiple professionals, you can rest assured that we provide the best metal surface treatments in Malaysia.


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